OpenSpeedTest is an internet speed testing tool that works across multiple devices and operating systems. You can check your internet speed on a variety of web browsers, without the need for any additional software or extensions. This means that you can perform a speed test on any device, such as an iPhone, iPad, Android phone, Windows computer, Linux machine, or tablet.

The purpose of OpenSpeedTest is to measure your consistent, or stable, internet speed, rather than just your maximum speed. A stable connection is important for many bandwidth-intensive applications, such as streaming video on YouTube. If your internet speed fluctuates, it could cause video playback to buffer even if your maximum speed is fast.

Please note that this is a 5-minute stress test.

Stress testing is a diagnostic tool used to detect performance issues under heavy loads that may not be noticeable during a typical speed test. It is a prolonged test that provides near real-time results and helps to uncover any performance problems that may arise when your internet connection is under heavy strain.

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  • For the most accurate internet speed test results, it's important to minimize other internet activities while using OpenSpeedTest. This includes activities such as streaming video and audio, using security cameras, and cloud backup, as these can affect the accuracy of your test results.
  • Additionally, it's recommended to use a Chromium-based browser, such as Chrome, Edge, Safari, Opera, or Brave, in incognito mode or with extensions disabled. This helps to prevent extensions or plugins from interfering with the accuracy of your test results.