These instructions are specific instructions for and email addresses only.

Outlook 2007 and higher on Windows (IIG)

(the images shown here are from Outlook 2016)

  • Launch Outlook.
  • If this is the first time you have launched Outlook, it will go automatically to the next step. Otherwise, go to the File menu and click Add Account.


  • Enter your email address ( and click Connect.


  • Select IMAP.


  • If prompted, enter the Incoming and Outgoing mail details as shown. Use the Server name Click Next.


  • Enter your password (as supplied by your administrator). Click Connect.
  • Outlook will add your account and prompt to setup your Mobile too. Untick this option and Click Done.


We do not recommend or support the use of Outlook on a mobile device. Microsoft do not recognise data sovereignty when using this app on your mobile. Instead, we suggest the use of 3rd party apps in it's place.