Available Payment Options

The following payment methods are available for your Internet Services, Domain Names, Hosting or Managed Solutions. To ensure your service remains activated at all times, please contact us if you experience any difficulties with your preferred payment option.

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

Please include your Invoice or Account ID in the electronic transfer payment and then email the bank receipt details to eft@iig.com.au.

EFT - Direct Debit

Account Name: Internet Information Group
Account BSB : 084 679
Account Number : 67609 1184

Credit Card

Auto Pay

Setup automatic payments for your invoices using your preferred credit card. All payments are deducted on or shortly after the invoice's due date.

Pay Once

Make a payment for a single invoice from your preferred credit card. Payments are deducted immediately or shortly after your receiving your request.


Update your credit card details for future payments using the secure online form.

Make or update your Credit Card Payment from the form Auto Pay, Pay Once or Update.

New Payments Platform Australia

Login to your Internet banking and make payment to the PayID payments@iig.com.au.