Password Managers

While technology generally makes our lives easier, each new website and service we join adds another password to our list. According to a 2017 study, some employees had to remember hundreds of different passwords for work, not to mention their personal passwords.

And, while you may have had several passwords for web services you use to shop, study, stay connected, and get work done in the past, things are much more complex now. For most people, remembering them all has become impossible.

Password managers can help with this and offer many benefits as well.

  • You no longer need to remember all of your passwords. Only the master password that opens your password vault must be remembered. If you use a cloud-based password manager, you may access your password vault from any device, at any time.
  • They can generate incredibly safe passwords for you automatically. When you establish a new account with a website or application, password managers will usually ask you if you want to use an auto-generated password. These randomly generated passwords are lengthy, alphanumeric, and virtually impossible to guess.
  • They can protect you from a phishing website. Spam emails are spoofed or forged to appear to be from a real sender, such as a friend, family member, coworker, or company with which you do business. Links in the email lead to similarly disguised malicious websites meant to steal login credentials. Because it does not recognise the website associated with the password, a browser-based password manager will not auto-complete the username and password fields.
  • Password managers help you save time. Many password managers do more than simply save passwords for you; they also auto-fill credentials for speedier access to online accounts. Some can also save and auto-fill name, address, email, phone number, and payment card information. When purchasing online, for example, this may be a major time saving.
  • And many more.

We have insisted on safe passwords on our services for many years. However, as the times have changed, so must our processes.

We will no longer save your passwords. This is considered best practise and the correct course of action. However, this means that we will be unable to "send you your password" in the future.

Instead, we will only be able to reset it to something new. This will give you access, but you must then enter the new password on any device that uses that account.

We recommend that customers use a password manager to avoid this. This does not have to be limited to our services and will certainly benefit you in terms of overall security. There are plenty fantastic options available too.

We recommend bitwarden. They provide a variety of plans, including a "Free Forever" licence for personal use.

Before making any security decisions, you should weigh all of your alternatives and seek expert advise if necessary.