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Introducing our new website

Our previous website debuted in 2014, and much has changed since then. Our services and skills have grown and improved, and we are now working on a range of interesting new customer projects.

But we realised it was past time to update our website and introduce a few new features at the same time.

The first and most important change is our new domain name,

In the following months, you will begin to receive our usual email, invoices, and notifications from this domain. Our present domain will not change, and our services will remain accessible through it. This change is important, however, as it allows us to more tightly control the domain's use and, as a result, the legitimacy of the messages it conveys.

The new domain is accompanied by a new logo. You've probably already seen the logo on some of our product brandings, and its use will grow over time.

As you can expect, this is no easy task. And, while we are far from complete, we are excited to share our work so far.

We appreciate your patience and understanding during this transition.

Get Connected!

Are you looking for a service provider in Australia who can provide a wide range of services, has flexible pricing, and is simple to deal with? Our internet connection options might be just what you're looking for, with unlimited data, a variety of speed levels, and no contracts.

If standard NBN services are not suitable, we can also assist with a range of enterprise grade services delivered over fibre.

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Web Hosting!

We provide a solution for all of your company hosting needs, whether it's a website to boost your sales or improved email hosting to control filtering and deliverability.

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Phone Services!

Communication should be straightforward, high quality, and reliable.

Our voice solutions are built on enterprise-grade managed voice systems that simplify your voice network needs. You connect directly to our voice network, whether you're using a single phone or a business PBX.

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