Call a customer - Phone a friend

Everybody can benefit from business or home phone services.

A traditional fixed line with unlimited calls within Australia for $50 per month.

A low cost land line for $12 per month plus calls.

Get a home or business line without all the expense.

  • Voicemail - When you don't answer your phone, voicemail allows callers to contact you easily. If you like, we can even email you the message right away.

  • Calling Number Display - Help identify who is calling before you answer.

  • Easy Web Interface - A simple web page allows you to manage your phone service. You may even use your computer to make and receive phone calls.

  • Soft Client - Take your phone with you on your Android or iOS phone. No more call forwarding or missed calls.

  • No Contract - Enjoy the convenience of monthly payments with the option to cancel or upgrade at any time.