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Since the introduction of the NBN, Australia has been exposed to the potential of voice over internet protocol (VoIP). This technology allows phone calls and video conferencing to take place through an internet connection and is now the standard means for homes and companies to obtain a phone line.

But, the way you use your phone at home or in a small business will differ from how it works in a bigger or multi-site corporate system.

Our Phone Line service is designed to closely resemble how a classic fixed line functioned prior to NBN while also including all of the current features available in the new environment.

This basic service is available for a low monthly rate, including national calls to Australian landlines with a flat rate and calls to mobile phones having a timed charge. Adding a Mobile Saver keeps the flat rate to landlines while lowering the cost of mobile calls. And our Unlimited package includes all domestic calls to Australian landlines, mobile phones, and 13 and 1300 Smartnumbers.

Phone Line
$12 /mth

Phone Line + Mobile Saver^
$32 /mth

Phone Line + Unlimited Plan^
$60 /mth

Phone Line UNI-V
$35 /mth

^ Available soon


Information about the service

Our Phone Line service provides domestic calls that are either timed and untimed depending on the plan, while International calls are charged for the duration of the call at a per-second rate.

The basic Phone Line includes the hosting of a single number and two channels. You may add additional numbers and channels if required.

The UNI-V service is a special case where a voice port on the NBN equipment is enabled. It is only accessible at Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) sites.

See Phone Extras for call rates and add-ons.

Factors that can affect service performance and reliability

Your phone service is supplied via the Internet and so is dependent on your Internet connection. Each call used around 100Kbps of uncontended bandwidth up and down. It is reliant on a fast (low latency) connection. If you are transmitting or receiving a large amount of data, the voice data may be delayed or dropped completely.

While every attempt is taken to deliver Emergency Service Calls (000 and 106), your phone service is carried across the Internet and third-party networks outside our control. As a result, we cannot guarantee that these calls will be completed.

Power Outages

In the event of a power outage, your Internet service may not function unless there is a battery backup unit installed. You should prepare for this loss and have the app installed on your mobile or tablet.


Security, Medical, Fire/Lift Alarm Services – You should contact your provider to assess whether your alarm is compatible with a VoIP service. They should be able to discuss available alternatives if your alarm is incompatible.

EFTPOS and Credit Card Services – These service will not work on a VoIP service. You should contact your provider to discuss available alternatives.

Critical Information Summary

Minimum Commitment

  • The initial rental period runs from the commencement date to the end of the following billing cycle.
  • If you order a desk phone or other hardware to use with this service, you will be charged for this equipment as well as shipping costs.
  • The service has no setup fees, however any expenses incurred will be passed on.
  • On-site installation is billed per hour when necessary.

Your minimum commitment is the total of these costs.

Notice Period

All service modification and cancellation requests apply to the next billing cycle. To complete your request, we require at least 7 days' notice before the end of the current billing cycle. Any late requests may be postponed until the end of the following billing cycle.

Plan Changes

You may request a change to your plan at any time subject to the notice period, but the real service modification will normally take place in the last week of the month.

New Clients

New client may transfer to this plan while keeping their old phone number. This is accomplished through Local Number Porting (LNP). Porting fees will be charged based on the number of number(s) transferred and their type.

Existing Clients

Existing clients may transfer their service to this plan, subject to any existing contracts.


You may request a cancellation of your service at any time subject to the notice period. Service cancellation will normally take place in the last week of the month.

Complex Plans

Multiple service can be bundled. Where this is done, you cannot separately cancel any component of the bundle without breaking the bundle. Bundles are only offered on fixed term contract with described conditions.

Equipment Required

Depending on the service ordered, you may require a SIP compatible device to be installed or configured at your site.


We do not provide access to Premium Services. Premium service numbers usually start with 188x, 19x or 190x,

Pricing explained

  • Minimum purchase restriction - All items and services are priced "per month" for simple comparison, however many have a minimum purchase requirement. For example, a $9/month product will be invoiced as $54 every 6 months, whereas a $17/month product will be billed as $51 every 3 months. The application will display the minimum purchase price.

  • Stackable product have a single, fixed capacity. This can relate to number of users, storage or other aspect. These products can be purchase multiple packages to increase the capacity though. For example, a storage product has 5GB. You can purchase 3 for a combined capacity of 15GB.

Other information

All usage is subject to our standard policies.

General Terms and Conditions

Acceptable Use Policy

Contradictions in this document override more general conditions in the standard documents and policies.

Customer support


Phone: 07 3193 2300

Complaint handling

If you have a complaint about your service or a dispute with IIG, email with a detailed explanation of the problem so we can assist you to find a resolution.

Financial hardship assistance

We understand that sometimes, events in your life may impact your ability to meet your financial obligations. We offer several options to assist in these circumstances.

Financial Hardship Policy

Further options

If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by telephone 1800 062 058. For further contact information, visit their site at


Please go to if you have any questions or require further information regarding this document. Alternatively, you can email or call us during business hours on 07 3193 2300.