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MyDNS (our Zone Management tool) is designed to function as a cloud-based infrastructure service, offering simple but complete acces to your zone.

It enables customers to administer their DNS zones using a web-based control panel that updates and replicates in real time to locations in Australia and overseas.

It is ideal for granting direct access to your IT provider for time-sensitive and sophisticated changes.

MyDNS Managed #
$6 /mth

MyDNS Unmanaged #
$4 /mth


# This product has a minimum purchase restriction.
= This is a stackable product. It can be purchased multiple times to increase it's capacity.

Information about the service

  • Web-based administration interface.
  • Request a login for yourself and, if desired, for IT integrators and vendors.
  • Unmanaged service modification charge - $4 per request.

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Pricing explained

  • Minimum purchase restriction - All items and services are priced "per month" for simple comparison, however many have a minimum purchase requirement. For example, a $9/month product will be invoiced as $54 every 6 months, whereas a $17/month product will be billed as $51 every 3 months. The application will display the minimum purchase price.

  • Stackable product have a single, fixed capacity. This can relate to number of users, storage or other aspect. These products can be purchase multiple packages to increase the capacity though. For example, a storage product has 5GB. You can purchase 3 for a combined capacity of 15GB.

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