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Email has been a vital means of electronic communication for decades and will most likely continue to be so for many years to come. While there are several email services accessible for consumers and businesses, if email is critical to you or your organisation, you want a purpose-built hosted email solution.

Our email services are the product of more than two decades of experience and understanding of what matters to our clients. Offering both a secure method for receiving mail and high deliverability, ensuring that your email reaches its intended recipient.

1GB #
$6 /mth

5GB #
$10 /mth

Non-access package # =
$10 /mth


# This product has a minimum purchase restriction.
= This is a stackable product. It can be purchased multiple times to increase it's capacity.

Information about the service

Email Singles are the standard email mailboxes for our access users. They are only available to clients who currently have access to services, however, we also provide a non-access plan, which allows you to maintain the service without utilising an access service.

Package details

  • Access clients or Non-access package holders can request up to five 250MB mailboxes with each of their services. These mailboxes can have a primary email address and up to 10 aliases, assigned from the zones, and / or at their discretion.
  • 1GB plan increases a single mailbox storage to 1GB.
  • 5GB plan increases a single mailbox storage to 5GB.

Increased storage is available via the addition of an Email Archive package.

There are no setup fees for the basic mailboxes.

The email addresses are not transferrable and can not be forwarded or redirected to another address.

Pricing explained

  • Minimum purchase restriction - All items and services are priced "per month" for simple comparison, however many have a minimum purchase requirement. For example, a $9/month product will be invoiced as $54 every 6 months, whereas a $17/month product will be billed as $51 every 3 months. The application will display the minimum purchase price.

  • Stackable product have a single, fixed capacity. This can relate to number of users, storage or other aspect. These products can be purchase multiple packages to increase the capacity though. For example, a storage product has 5GB. You can purchase 3 for a combined capacity of 15GB.

Other information

All usage is subject to our standard policies.

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Customer support


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Complaint handling

If you have a complaint about your service or a dispute with IIG, email with a detailed explanation of the problem so we can assist you to find a resolution.

Financial hardship assistance

We understand that sometimes, events in your life may impact your ability to meet your financial obligations. We offer several options to assist in these circumstances.

Financial Hardship Policy

Further options

If you are not satisfied with our handling of your complaint, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman by telephone 1800 062 058. For further contact information, visit their site at


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