Our History

Internet Information Group (IIG) was borne out of necessity for quality, local, Internet connectivity, knowledge and support.

Starting in North Queensland in 1995, IIG provided local call dialup for modems into the Internet. For perspective, this was before web browsers and the world wide web and even Windows '95.

Founder and Partner, Graham Maltby, utilised a limited availability to the Net (AARNET) through James Cook University and realised there was a need for Business and Households to have simple, unrestricted access. Partner, Klaus Boehme, came from a background in the military side of the Internet (MILNET) and also had a business requirement for local access.

At the time there were only a few national organisations, which have since folded or been bought out by other larger nationals. The effect of which was a lack of local, hands-on, knowledge and support.

IIG maintained a niche course of providing high quality, business-grade, Internet connectivity and networking for Government, Education, Corporate and Small Business with its customer base moving from North Qld to throughout Australia (and some USA and NZ based clients).

As well as standard ISP Services, such as Web and Mail Hosting and Internet Access, IIG manages and maintains a number of corporate networks - providing hardware and software solutions from desktop to Server.

Through this understanding of in-house computing requirements and Inter-Networking, IIG is also sought after for 2nd and 3rd level technical support by many technicians and organisations throughout the country.

IIG's strength is knowledge and the ability to impart that in high level Support services which keeps customers connected to what has become a critical business requirement.

Internet Information Group has been there through the growth of the Internet, providing the expertise to create business networks - no matter how far flung or what size they may be - and connect them to and through the Internet.

Our first "server" - a lowly 80486 - early 1996

The datacenter (or desk) - early 1996

The driver's seat - early 1996

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